Are Laptop Stands Worth It?

Dan Gold

Written by Dan

Yes! I believe that laptop stands can help you be more comfortable in your work environment. Laptop stands are effective in allowing you to be more ergonomic and productive.

Here are some tips that can help you decide if you need a laptop stand.

Laptop stands can be adjustable

Being able to adjust your laptop stand can help in a lot of different ways. Ill elaborate on more specific examples, further down in this article.

For starters, your laptop stand can help with glare, can raise your laptop closer to a monitor, can save space on your desk and much more.

Being able to control the position of your laptop stand can help your productivity and working ergonomics.

Laptop stands are ergonomic

One of my favorite things about my laptop stand is that I can reposition it closer to my monitor. The biggest benefit is being able to drag a window from one screen to another, without there being a huge height disconnect and without being confused as to where the imaginary lines are drawn.

Speaking more on ergonomics, I wrote an article that goes into much more detail about ergonomic laptop stand designs.

Broadly speaking, a laptop stand can help you sit up straight and position your keyboard and mouse in the best position possible. Laptop stands help with neck strain and allow you to keep your head in a neutral position, rather than craning or straining.

You can convert your existing desk into a standing desk with a laptop stand

For me, my desk situation evolved when I started working from home more consistently. In the past, I used a small writing desk and would use it for a few hours at a time if I wanted to work on something during the weekend.

I outgrew the small writing desk when I started working from home full-time. Once I got a monitor, an external keyboard and a mouse, I wanted a place to take notes and a way to have more space. I needing something bigger.

Luckily for me, when I was shopping for a desk, I picked out a standing desk. With this design and functional hack, I was able to raise the entire desk.

For you, you may already have a desk that you like, and maybe it is not a dedicated standing desk. Luckily, with a laptop stand, you can convert your existing desk into a standing desk. There are a few great laptop stands that can do this, Ill link them below.

You can use a laptop stand for other things, like reading or propping up a tablet

I have a tablet stand that I use all the time. I watch TV primarily with my iPad. With the tablet stand, Ill move my iPad around the apartment and watch various videos.

When Im in the kitchen, Ill watch some recipe videos to help cook things. When Im on the couch, Ill prop the stand on the coffee table and watch some videos.

You get the idea.

But for a laptop, you can achieve the same thing. If you don’t have a tablet, you can use your laptop to achieve the same thing! If I had more counter space and didn’t have an iPad, this is what I would do.

You can use a laptop stand in bed

Using a laptop stand in bed is a perfectly ok thing to do. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Maybe you have an injury or have another issue that prevents you from sitting at a desk, so maybe you’re using your laptop in a place like your bed.

Whatever the case, laptop stands can accommodate your ergonomic needs. As an added bonus, you can use some of these laptop stands on the couch, or in other places around your house. Ive linked a few of my favorites below for you to check out.

You can use a laptop stand on a standing desk

This setup is really ideaI for many people. If you have a standing desk, then you’re already conscious about your overall working health. Why would you go so far, but fall short on perfecting your ergonomics?

Like in the example above, you want to be upright and keep your body and posture pretty natural. You don’t want to slouch or be in an uncomfortable position for an extended period of time.

Your laptop stand can act as a dock, and assist in plugging in more peripherals

This is one of my favorite examples of how you can use a laptop stand to the fullest. Some laptop stands double as laptop docks. Many people don’t know this!

If you’re on a PC or using a Mac, you can find some options that would work for you.

This can be helpful if your computer only has a few ports, and you need to plug in more things. This can also be helpful if you you have a lot of things to plug into your computer and you want everything streamlined into one cable.

To see how this can work, Ive linked some great laptop stand docks below.

Your laptop stand can help reduce clutter on your desk

If you’re short on space, you can use a laptop stand to save some space on your desk. This can be achieved with a few different methods, like storing items below your computer or using a vertical laptop stand.

You can check out a few of these laptop stands below to get an idea how this can work for you.

You can travel with a laptop stand and use it anywhere

Ive spent an extended period of time working remotely and traveling. One of my favorite items to have was my laptop stand. Because work was a primary focus for my trip, the laptop stand helped me set up a comfortable office on the go.

I could not speak more highly of my Roost laptop stand. It has held up extremely well since 2017, and so its always the first thing I recommend for anyone who wants to work remotely and travel.

Because it folds up so small, it barely made a dent in the size or weight of my travel luggage. This is one of the biggest concerns for people who want to take a remote work trip, and with the Roost, you don’t have to worry.

Laptop stands can help keep your computer cool

My 16″ MacBook Pro is basically a space heater (half joking). Im not sure why, but it runs extremely hot. Im not complaining, because it is very powerful.

However, when I am using it flat on my desk, I wonder if the heat will eventually cause issues with the internal components. It needs ventilation.

Luckily, I have it propped up on a laptop stand to help with the air circulation. Some laptop stands also have fans built in, to help with keeping your computer cool.

Your laptop stand can help prevent glare on your laptop screen

I like sitting near a window to get natural light (not this natural light) into my work day. If Im in the zone, I can forget to get outside. Im sure sitting near a window helps my vitamin D levels!

One of the drawbacks of sitting near a window is not being able to control the glare on my laptop screen during the work day.

To combat this, my laptop stand helps me reposition my screen orientation to prevent unwanted glare during the day.

Laptop stands can help you type more efficiently

Laptop keyboards aren’t always the greatest. They are specifically designed to save space and work as an integrated unit with your laptop.

Ive found that external keyboards have been a huge asset in my productivity during the work day.

Without using a laptop stand, using an external keyboard can make your desk a bit cluttered and move your laptop too far away, but, the laptop stand helps bring everything together and helps direct your laptop screen closer to you.

Laptop stands can help improve the look and feel of your home office

If you’re in it for the looks, some laptop stands can get very stylish. If you’re into the natural wood look and feel, theres a laptop stand that can accommodate your specific aesthetic.

If you’re looking for something highly functional, there are laptop stands that can fit all of your needs.

Laptop stands are affordable

Lastly, I wanted to touch on price. Laptop stands can range in price from as low as $10 to upwards of $300. They all serve a specific purpose. With whatever your budget is, you can find a laptop stand that can help solve your problem.

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October 30th, 2022